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ben and his family live on this block. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. re/max agents know their markets, and they care enough to get to know you, too. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. open fire. and four people under arrest.. the lies they allegedly told.. to rip off victims a man shot by an east bay officer. what happened that led police to open fire. >> and four people now under arrest, alive, they allegedly were told they were going to
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rip off victims of the san bruno disaster. good morning. it's thursday, september 16. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, your time is 6:01. and let's get you out the door and get a quick look at weather and traffic. gianna franco? >> reporter: we started off with a busy morning on surface streets. so far, so good. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic very light. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge all the way to the maze. the metering lights are off so you're all clear this morning as you head out the door on the way to work. here's tracy with your forecast. >> thanks, gianna. less clouds this morning means more sunshine later on and warmer temperatures. lower 60s highs today in pacifica. 66 in san francisco. lower 70s in oakland. 75 fremont. 76 san jose, lower 80s in concord and livermore, upper 70s in napa an 80 degrees in santa rosa. cooler weather is coming up. and a chance of a shower, yeah,
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rain showers in the forecast. back to you. >> thank you. a man shot in concord, anne makovec reports, the police say a man threatened them. >> reporter: he apparently produced a gun. in concord, it's the area of clayton road and ashbury drive. lieutenant, it started at 2 :30 a.m. what happened? >> officers attempted to stop a subject who they believe was wanted on some outstanding robbery warrants. when they tried to contacted the individual he ran down ashbury drive from clayton. officers followed in their vehicles and stopped their vehicles, confronted the suspect halfway down ashby. the suspect produce a weapon.
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officers shot him. he was transported to the medical center in walnut creek. he has been admitted to the hospital. we don't know his condition at this time. >> reporter: he was walking down the street. how would officers know that this is a potential robbery suspect? >> matched the description of a wanted suspect and they wanted to stop and contact this individual and the individual took off running. >> reporter: okay. the two officers both involved in the shooting, i understand they both fired their guns? >> yes. >> reporter: and they are now. >> as pursuit to department policy they will be on paid administrative leave during the investigation. they were both uninjured. we are working in conjunction with the contra costa county district attorney's office and the contra costa county sheriff's department laboratory to investigate this case. >> reporter: what kinds of things are you looking at this morning. we are going to look at the scene, look for physical evidence and as a way of trying to piece together what
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happened. >> reporter: all right. lieutenant, thank you so much for joining thus morning. and, of course, we'll keep you posted as we find out what happened here in concord as more information becomes available. >> thank you, anne makovec in concord. four people are facing felony charges now accused of trying to take advantage of the san bruno does aster. the four are charged with lying about living in the burned-out area and trying to get free food and other aid meant for victims of the brass. they were caught when they applied for replacement driver's licenses. three live near the explosion site the other from san francisco. officials will offer tips on how to avoid scams. one week after the explosion the blast zone is still cordoned off as a crime scene. police gave residents two hours yesterday to search through the ruins to look for any mementos. meantime, the damage from the blast is now estimated to be $38 million.
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all the debris is considered a cesspool of toxins and possibly an airborne health has around. health officials now rushing to remove the toxic ash by next month. governor schwarzenegger has asked president obama for a federal major disaster declaration and says the president promised to help. the governor with a firsthand look at the damage yesterday. he was in asia when the pipeline blew up. a vigil tonight for two victims of the explosion. it begins at 7:00 at saint cecilia catholic church in san francisco. 13-year-old janessa grieg went to school there and her mother jacquelin offered volunteered for school activities. the funeral will be at the same catholic church tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. meg whitman has now spent more of her own money on her campaign than any politician in u.s. history. the former head of san jose- based ebay just contributed another $15 million to her run for governor of california. the running total of her personal donations, $119
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million. that is more than the previous record set by new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the california teachers association has made changes to a television ad criticizing whitman. >> whitman says we should cutted another $7 billion from our schools, teacher layoffs 100,000 more, 33% larger class size. >> that's a clip from the original ad. campaign attorney warned tv stations they could be held liable for slanderous or libelous statements if they keep running it. cbs 5 and some other stations stopped airing that spot. >> i have never said anything like that. in fact, my third priority is education. >> have meg tell us where she is going to get the money from, that's all we're asking. teachers want to know. >> but the ad says "meg says she is going to take $7 billion from education." >> yeah. >> she doesn't say that. >> that's what her plan says. >> her plan doesn't say that according to her attorney. >> you can talk to the attorneys about it. i'm just telling you the real question is: where is the money coming from? >> the cta's revised ad has a slight wording change saying whitman plans to make those education cuts.
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the california budget stalemate is about to become the longest in state history more than 90 days late. the record will be set if lawmakers can't make a deal today and they are nowhere close. some wonder if they can reach an agreement by the november election. lawmakers are fighting over how to close a $19 billion deficit. for commuters more build-up today to the opening of a freeway express lane in the east bay. that express lane will open monday morning on southbound interstate 680. here's a live look through that area. it will run from highway 84 in sunol to 237 in milpitas. the left lane will be available to solo drivers but they have to pay a fee with a fastrak. carpools will still be able to use the lane without any charge. the express lane will operate between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at 10:00 this morning, politicians and transportation officials have a kickoff celebration right there near the freeway.
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6:07. before you head out, let's get a check of traffic and weather. gianna? >> well, we are starting to see some delays, the usual stuff on highway 4 this morning through antioch. lots of red showing up, speeds less than 25 miles per hour through there. mostly around l street. here's a live look at the antioch bridge. not bad. traffic is light through that portion. over to 580 where traffic is building. we are seeing speeds at 52 miles per hour westbound away from 205 from the altamont pass into livermore. taking a look now as you work your way on the bay bridge, slight delay in the cash lanes. easy ride from the bridge to the maze. tracy has your forecast. >> our forecast this morning -- [ no microphone ] >> can you hear me now? mostly clear conditions this morning with patchy fog inland, some low clouds around the bay,
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and some cloudy conditions for the coastline but definitely, not as socked in as the same time yesterday morning. so that means clouds will clear out earlier, also some warmer temperatures. 60 to 56 degrees along the coastline today. 66 to 70 around the bay and 76 to 85 well inland. we'll look at bay area cities and high temperatures coming up. >> enjoy today. a new weapon to fight crime. >> what hundreds of bay area cops could soon be wearing. and plans to make over one of san francisco's most blighted areas clears a major hurdle. ,, ,,,,
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. good morning. a live look at the san mateo bridge where it's an easy 13- minute drive travel to hayward and foster city. coming up closures near the moscone center. i'll have details. a new tool to fight crime in one of the bay area's most dangerous cities. 14 oakland cops are now wearing cameras to get audio
6:13 am
and video recordings of what they do. the recordings are electronically sent to superiors at the end of each shift. >> it's been excellent. i'm able to record everything and download it. it's there. i can log on the computer. it's like your a phone book with all your contacts. >> the oakland city council is expected to decide next week whether to buy cameras for all 350 officers. cameras for all the cost, $900 apiece. they would provide evidence when there are allegations of misconduct. a proposal to build a mall in san francisco's mid market neighborhood has been given the green light to move forward. the board of supervisors unanimously approved the mall's environmental impact report which had been appealed by some neighborhood groups. the five-floor city place shopping center is expected to be built on market street between fifth and 6th streets. developers head coach to break ground next year.
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craigslist is cleaning up its act for good apparently. the san francisco-based website says its adult services ads will not return. earlier this month, craigslist put a black censored bar where the section used to be. the site was accused of promoting prostitution. coming up, what doctors can say will happen if you are the center of attention. who needs friends? [ laughter ] >> i never had to worry about that growing up. [ laughter ] >> not as many clouds out there this morning will lead to warmer temperatures today. and a whole lot of sunshine. we got your afternoon highs and even a sneak peek at the weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,
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good morning from the traffic center. we have the oracle open world taking place on sunday so they have already starting implementing some closures for the event so near the moscone center expect traffic to be heavily congest the throughout the evening. starting this evening howard between 3rd and 4th streets will be closed until next friday. mason between ellis and
6:18 am
o'farrell starting at 2:00 a.m. on saturday. sunday the eastbound lanes of taylor shut down between o'farrell and eddy. golden gate bridge traffic is cruising, no troubles to report through here. you have a nice ride out of marin county. traffic up to speed southbound 101. we have reports of an accident westbound 205 right at 11th street. it's a minor wreck. no major delays to report. everything is off to the right side of the road. west of there, you can see traffic starting to see lots of yellow on the sensors, slowing down speeds around 43 miles per hour across the altamont pass. highway 4 typical slow and go conditions through antioch, 19 miles per hour through that area. and bay bridge no troubles. the metering lights are off. everything is clear. if you plan to take mass transit this morning so far, so good. you can see no delays for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. everything systemwide is on time. here's tracy with your
6:19 am
forecast. >> thanks. our forecast for this morning, heading out the door, you're going to notice it is not as cloudy as it was this time yesterday morning. mostly clear inland, patchy fog, low clouds around the bay, no delays in the airport and partly cloudy conditions with some fog for the coastline. we have a high pressure system building in cleaning out the clouds. that's going to lead us to plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. and warmer temperatures. 60s to near 70 around the bay. sunshine and low clouds at the coast with highs in the mid- 60s. take a look at some more bay area highs. 57 degrees in redwood city. 78 cupertino. 82 out in morgan hill and the mid-70s in fremont and milpitas. 37 degrees in union city. -- 73 in union city.
6:20 am
70s in oakland, 67 berkeley, 82 concord. north bay location, 80 santa rosa, 75 novato. mid- to upper 70s in san rafael and san anselmo and the mid-60s in sausalito and san francisco. many locations warmer than yesterday. friday cools down. look at the weekend, cool, cloudy, chance of a shower both days. monday we will start to rebound and we'll take a mix of sun and clouds into tuesday and wednesday. heading into the weekend this weekend is a festival in chinatown. mostly cloudy, showers possible, mid-60s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. in the headlines, a man in his 20s hospitalized now after being shot by concord police this morning. this is a live look at that accident scene shooting scene in concord. officers say they tried to talk to the man but he ran off. they say they shot him when he
6:21 am
threatened him with a weapon. four people facing felony charges for allegedly trying to get benefits destined for the victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion. a san francisco couple and two women from an area of san bruno not affected by the disaster were arrested trying to sign up for replacement driver's licenses. and another bay area city has adopted strict new limits on where smokers can light up. the menlo park city council unanimously approved a smoking ban in common areas of apartments and condominiums. the council needs to vote on the law one more time before it goes into effect. this morning's healthwatch, more evidence that we are losing the war on drugs. illegal drug use rose last year hitting an eight-year high. a sharp rise in marijuana use fueling the increase. more americans are using ecstasy and meth. who needs friends? being popular could give you the flu early. a new study shows popular
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people tend to get sick about two weeks before their less popular friends. researchers believed being the center of attention exposes you to more germs. they say identifying the most popular people could be a useful tool in preventing the spread of the flu. >> all right, elizabeth. no kissing, hugging, holding hands, things like that. >> stay home. it is 6:22. coming up, text while driving, without breaking the law. the new tool that makes it possible. i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all. great quality and great prices. so you just need a safeway list. [ male announcer ] with thousands of everyday low prices you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] with club card specials like honey bunches of oats just 2 for $5 and safeway butter top breads 4 for $5.
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driving... there's an app for that. later on today, half moon bay expecting some sunshine along with some clouds. highs in the mid-60s. 74 mill valley, 76 san rafael, 78 today in petaluma. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities and today's slightly warmer temperatures in just a few moments. an effort to discourage texting while driving. there is an app for that. a southern california company has developed a new smart phone app called sms replier. once installed it can sense when your car is moving and then sends out responses to anyone who sends you a text
6:26 am
message so you don't have to. >> you get a call or text and the phone is silent and it auto replies to that person that says you're driving. >> very smart. the technology works with windows mobile, android and blackberry and will soon be compatible with iphones. it costs about $20. talk about an out-of-this- world vacation. >> that's more sure. boeing plans to start space station tourism flights by 2015. the spacecraft will be able to carry 7 people on missions and as you can imagine it won't be cheap. the estimated ticket price about $25 million. so not very many people can actually go. >> our question of the day, what is the most adventurous thing your ever done? we ent two months in he spent two months in bali and i have been there and i would have spent the rest of
6:27 am
my life in bali. people are wonderful there. a wonderful, wonderful place. >> the most beautiful sight david has seen. >> i was going to do that and the friend that i was with didn't meet the weight restrictions. you have to be light to be in a hot air balloon. >> well, go up to napa and try it. live on the edge. jeff says: >> as long as you have iaea string to lead you back out. send your answers to or post your answers on facebook. we're also on twitter, so tweet us. it is 6:27. coming up. >> tell me about the people who are giving the care. why do they take off? >> nursing home patients left behind as san bruno burns. the father and son who risked everything to save them. and police officers shoot and injure a man they believe
6:28 am
to be a robbery suspect. the latest from concord coming up next. and the metering lights have just been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is starting to stack up in the cash lanes. i'll have a complete look in your roadways coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats and i'm elizabeth wenger.
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good morning. it is thursday, the 16th of september. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. we are actually following a developing story out of east bay this morning. it's a shooting overnight involving a concord police officer. and our anne makovec is in concord where officers say the man flashed a gun at them. anne? >> reporter: yes. i'm standing at the intersection where this all began about 4 hours, clayton and ashbury, here in concord. you can see ashbury is still closed down. the actual shooting scene was at least a block away. but police have the whole area on lockdown. it's a residential area flanked by several businesses here in concord. police apparently recognized the man at around 2:30 walking down the street. they wanted him on robbery warrants and they told him to stop and he started running away. officers started chasing him down ashbury in their vehicle.
6:32 am
he got halfway down ashbury when police say he pulled out a handgun. they can't say, though, whether or not he pointed that handgun at them. the officers got out of the car. he was shot and wounded and taken to john muir hospital with undisclosed injuries. at this point a police spokesman says he doesn't know if this man is even the robbery suspect they were looking for. i think we are trying to get a handle on how somebody walking down the street could be identified as a robbery suspect just by the looks of him or -- >> i think the officers had a specific description and they were working offer the description. they wanted to stop and contact the individual and the individual ran from them. >> reporter: the man who was shot is in his early 20s. the contra costa county sheriff's department and the district attorney's office will both be investigating. >> thank you, anne makovec.
6:33 am
four people are facing felony charges accused of trying to take advantage of the san bruno disaster. those four are charged with lying about lived in the burned- out area and trying to get free food on the other aid for victims of the explosion and fire. they were caught when they applied for replacement driver's licenses. two of those suspects live three miles from the explosion site. the other two are from san francisco. later this morning, official in san bruno will offer tips on how to avoid scams during a disaster. one week after the explosion, that blast zone is still cordoned off as a crime scene. police gave residents two hours yesterday to search through the ruins of their homes to look for any mementos. meantime, the damage from the blast is now estimated to be $38 million. officials say all the debris left behind is considered a potential cesspool of toxins and possibly an airborne held hazard. health officials are trying to remove the ash by next month. a vigil will be held for
6:34 am
two victims of the explosion. 13-year-old janessa grieg and her mother jacquelin. it's at saint cecilia catholic church in san francisco at 7:00 p.m. a funeral is planned there tomorrow morning. moments after the explosion, a remarkable act of heroism. bob and his 25-year-old son bobby ran into a converted nursing home in the burning neighborhood. they found several wheelchair- bound women in their 60s, 70s and 80s. those women had been left behind by two caregivers who ran off when they saw the fire. >> bobby went to the left. and i saw a lady there, an elderly lady, in a reclining chair with oxygen on and had stereo headphones on with her back to the window. she had no idea that what was going on. so i took everything off of her and i said, come on, sweetheart, we've got to go, we've got to go. >> reporter: what do you say about this? >> i just want to thank the people that save all the people in there that's all. thank you. >> reporter: tell me about the people who are giving the care why did they take off? can you tell us about that? >> sorry. >> reporter: can you just
6:35 am
explain what kind of caregivers they are? >> the two men drove the women to the hospital in their own car. none of them was seriously injured. a $16,000 reward is -- $17,000 reward is being offered to find a man who shot and killed a berkeley man while he was walking home. he had just left a 35th birthday party sunday morning when he and his fiancee were attacked by two robbers. the woman was punched and suffered minor injuries. police say the gunman got away in an older model two-tone suv. today a san jose community group will unveil details information about city relations on the east side. 35% of those surveyed say they have been stopped by police without cause. the east side has a larger minority population than the city as a whole.
6:36 am
"pact" says more than half of those surveyed don't trust the police, but almost 90% want a strong relationship with local law enforcement. 6:36. let's take another look at traffic and weather. >> looks like traffic is building. it's crawling along westbound slow to flynn through livermore and west of there on the brakes as well as approaching 680. 680 not bad. everything free-flowing in both directions through the dublin interchange. 880 through oakland, light so far. northbound traffic on the right side of the screen passing the coliseum moving up to speed. bay bridge the lights are on at the toll plaza. you can see that backup beyond the first overpass at this point. clear though still across the upper deck into san francisco. and we have reports of a stalled vehicle northbound 101 in the middle lane near sfo. may slow you down a bit until they get this cleared over to the right shoulder. here's tracy with your
6:37 am
forecast. >> hey, thanks, gianna. our forecast for this morning will include less clouds and more sunshine. take a look. today's -- oh, doesn't that look good? wow! sunrise still about 15 minutes away but you can see it's going to be a nice day. high clouds out there but not as many low clouds as we had yesterday. so no delays on arrivals on if as of yet. so we're in the clear so far. lower 80s in pleasanton, 85 antioch, 71 oakland, 72 hayward, 76 san jose. 66 in san francisco. near 80 in sonoma and santa rosa. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities and their highs today in just a few moments. >> thank you. time now 6:37. >> aloha! [ theme from "hawaii five-o" ] >> fighting crime in paradise. "eye on the bay's" liam mayclem joins us with the buzz about "hawaii five-o." ♪ [ music ]
6:38 am
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it opens monday morning on a ound 680. this check out this new freeway express lane on i-680 that opens monday morning on a stretch of southboun 680. solo drives drivers for a fee.
6:41 am
fastrak drivers can use it, as well. those behind the express lane say it will be a big time saver. >> when they need to get to a specific place on time it will be at their option as a single driver whether or not they want to enter into the hov lanes. >> the lane will recover from highway 84 south of pleasanton to highway 237 in milpitas. at 10:00 official will kick off a celebration near the freeway in fremont. well, our slow spot this morning is in antioch highway 4 as you work your way looks like 19 miles per hour in the westbound side traffic slow and go through the area. give yourself some extra time. that's typical this time of the morning. also tell you cat delays through livermore westbound 580 slow and go across the altamont pass again as you approach the pass. 680 no troubles, looks clear through fremont as you work
6:42 am
your way towards the south bay. 80 reports of an accident westbound at appian way. couple of cars tangled up. lots of green on the sensors on the eastshore freeway. here's a live look at the carquinez bridge where traffic is moving well in both directions. if you are taking the bay bridge,200 minutes from the bridge to the maze. clear on the upper deck into san francisco. no troubles on the lower deck. if you are take 880, northbound clear past the coliseum. southbound, though, extra volume. traffic bogs down toward hayward. south bay 237 connector, this is just as you come onto 880 there, traffic sluggish, extra volume, nice speeds. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. get traffic every 10 minutes. that's a look at your morning commute. here's your forecast with
6:43 am
tracy. >> thanks, gianna. you can also get constant weather updates on kcbs radio through the morning and well into the afternoon. outside toward the bay bridge, there is a little sunshine out there just the fact that we can see the bay bridge, and we also have some clouds. but this morning we are expecting those clouds to move out and retreat back to the coastline a little quicker than yesterday. more sunshine and warmer temperatures today. out the door this morning, temperatures will range from the upper 40s to the upper 50s. a few low cloud out there with some patchy fog. for this afternoon, sunshine and mild temperatures. mid-70s to the mid-80s, that's inland. temperatures up to 70 degrees around the bay with mostly sun in this skies and sunshine and some low clouds along the coastline with temperatures ranging from 60 to 65 degrees. 62 in daly city, 26 in pacifica. moving inland temperatures moving up. mid-70s in sunnyvale, 78 in cupertino, 76 in san jose. 76 in santa clara. 75 in fremont. 73 degrees in union city.
6:44 am
well out in the east bay it's all about the 80s. mid-80s in antioch and brentwood. lower 80s in pleasant hill and danville, also in pleasanton. 78 degrees in dublin. and just along the bay from the lower 70s in hayward, 70 in alameda and 67 degrees in berkeley. north bay locations today, slightly warmer, 78 in petaluma, 79 sonoma, 76 san rafael, 77 in kentfield and the mid-60s in san francisco and in sausalito. seven-day forecast, sunshine on tap for today. tomorrow, we're cooling down a bit. and we will take those cooler conditions into the weekend. we're also going to add in a chance of a shower both days. more sunshine back in the forecast monday, tuesday and wednesday. the weekend just a couple days away. the heart walk san francisco will be going on at peacock meadows golden gate park. mostly cloudy conditions, a shower is possible, and that will be this saturday with conditions in the lower 60s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you.
6:45 am
>> thank you. it is 6:44. well, job cuts eased a bit last week across the country. and then last month hotel price were a little higher. let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and with the latest stock and financial news. >> good morning. >> reporter: a couple of decent economic reports to start out with this morning. first, with the weekly jobless claims down about 3,000 to 450,000 and they have been down about 11% in the past month. the good news there is it seems that layoffs are easing back after spiking over the summer but we are still about 50,000 too high to indicate actual job growth. as far as the producer prices go, they were up .4%. that was mainly fueled by a big rise in energy prices. but still, any gain there is good news for companies in that we're staving off inflation at this point in time. the stock market opens lower after fedex released it earnings report for the latest quarter. they did double their profit
6:46 am
but what fedex says about the future weighs on the market because fedex is seen as a general barometer for the economy. the ceo is seeing slower growth and fedex will be cutting about 1700 jobs to consolidate its trucking business. dow, nasdaq and s&p all down. fedex down by 3% weighing on the market right now. android, google's operating system for mobile device, continues to increase in popularity. it increased from 12% to 17% of the market in the last quarter at the expense of apple's iphone and research in motion's blackberry. 200,000 devices are activated every day, according to google. back to you >> thank you. jason brooks with kcbs and
6:47 am ever dream of going to outer space? boeing plans to offer space tourism flights by 2015. but better start saving your pennies. the ticket price will about $25 million. that brings us to our question of the day. what is the most adventurous thing your ever done? >> i think i need to be more adventurous. zooming through the tiny cobblestone streets of an italian village in my cousin's two-door fiat. >> walked up half dome in yosemite. my best friends and i did it in celebration of my 50th birthday. >> good. mike says, became highly leveraged through real estate deals in the past five years. >> that's brave. a 1970s tv classic making a comeback and ben affleck gets ready to take over the big screen with a new movie.
6:48 am
>> many adventures. you're one. most adventure owes people i know. liam mayclem is here from "eye on the bay." >> good morning. >> the most thing i ever did was getting out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to be with you. >> we know about that. first of all, let's talk movies of. actor ben affleck gives the performance of his career in town, a movie he also directed and co-wrote. it's set in his hometown boston about a bank heist crew and a big job to get this deal from the red sox in boston? affleck plays a robber who falls for a girl and then tries to quit the bank robbing business. several others co-star. "town" is rated r and opens friday. highly recommended. >> that looks good. >> it is so good. interesting that affleck gives his career performance in a movie he directed. so, you know, it's so good. >> i like ben affleck.
6:49 am
>> that opens friday? >> that opens friday. tomorrow. you have to see it. tv talk, right now, book 'em, danno! "hawaii five-o" returns to the small screen this monday billed as the new show to watch on cbs this fall. and it is of course set in america's 50th state, hence "hawaii five-o." "lost" star daniel dae kim is in one of the lead roles. i'll be watching it. the other big star, ladies, of this is hawaii itself. >> the scenery. >> yeah. it's the backdrop. who doesn't want to see hawaii on it. >> did you ever watch the old one? >> i have never seen an episode of "hawaii five-o." i had to going tell to make sure i knew what it was. >> jack lord was the original. rent or buy the old season. they are worth it. >> comedy day in the park this sunday, sharon meadow golden
6:50 am
gate bridge, noon until 5:00. all your a fifth local comedians. robin williams almost always shows up. it's so much fun. and lastly, of course, i do want to mention, "eye on the bay" of course every night monday through friday but tonight, we have a special flavors edition featuring top chefs like thomas keller and one might have favorite bay area chefs russell jackson from the feet who has a new late night weekend menu. >> you get to taste it all? >> absolutely not. of course. it's all part of the job. [ laughter ] >> just a taste. >> thanks forgetting up so early-morning. your big adventure. go home and take a nap and see you tonight. >> see more on >> liam mayclem with "eye on the bay." coming up, president obama's approval ratings continue to sag. according to a brand-new cbs news poll, what that means for the upcoming november elections. plus, a state trooper rescues four toddlers from a burning
6:51 am
car in north carolina. the hero and the family speak out exclusivively right here. and new information about diet drugs. we'll tell you which ones are safe, which ones are not. next on "the early show." the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
6:52 am
cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.
6:53 am
we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey.
6:54 am
anne concord, wh to see is a man shot by police in the east bay is in the hospital this morning. anne makovec is in concord where officers say that man threatened them with a gun. >> reporter: we don't know the identity of the suspect or if he is the man they were initially after. ashbury drive is closed down and it happened a block away from here. here's a map of the area. clayton road and ashbury drive, which is a residential area flanked by some businesses here in concord. now, apparently at around 2:30 this morning, police recognized the man walking on the street as a wanted man. they thought he had some robbery warrants out. police say told this him to stop and he started running away instead. officers started chasing him down ashbury in their car. they say he got about halfway
6:55 am
down ashbury when police say he pulled out a handgun. they are not able to say at this point whether or not he pointed that handgun directly at them. the officers got out of their car and two officers shot and wounded this man. he was taken to john muir hospital with undisclosed injuries. a police spokesman says he doesn't know if the man is the robbery suspect they were looking for but he was suspicious because he wouldn't answer questions and ran away. a big investigation is ensuing here going for days, i presume, contra costa county sheriff's department and district attorney's office as they try to determine whether or not the officers were justified in shooting this man in his early 20s now at the hospital. >> thank you, anne makovec in concord. meg whitman has now spent more of her own money on her
6:56 am
campaign than any politician in u.s. history spent on a campaign. the former head of san jose- based ebay just contributed another $15 million to her run for governor of california. the running total of her personal donation is now $119 million, more than the previous record set by new york city mayor michael bloomberg. and checking the roads pinole west 80 at pinole valley road, a two-car crash, the left lane blocked. expect delays. over to the bay bridge we go lights are on, traffic is backed up almost to the maze at this point. you will need some extra time. golden gate bridge a much better story. traffic looking good both directions across the deck there. we do have a stalled vehicle reported at the spencer off- ramp off north 101. other than that south 101 clear from novato to the waldo tunnel. mass transit no delays. problem-free. don't forget tonight, howard
6:57 am
street will be closed between 3rd and 4th streets. that's for the start of the oracle open world which begins on sunday. tracy? >> hey, thank you, gianna. our forecast for this morning, i think you're going to like it. i'm quite pleased. less clouds this morning, giving us pretty nice sunrise. there you go. nice shot this morning. this is from our mount vaca cam. it is 6:57. with all that sunshine, no surprise we'll be warming up. mid-60s at the coast, near 70 around the bay, mid-80s inland. take a look though at the next couple of days. cooling down friday, chance of showers -- a shower in the forecast saturday and sunday. also want to get to this. juliette goodrich emcees the walk in san jose which is going to actually go for the special olympics and who is performing? i guess it's in mountain view. joe jonas is going to be running in this race and so it's going to be at shoreline park, mountain view, partly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. the last race he participated in they said there were young girls chasing after him.
6:58 am
[ laughter ] >> during the course of the -- >> good exercise. [ laughter ] >> so juliette is going to be out there. we'll see if she is going to chase him down. >> have a couple of young daughters. >> they will be all over that. >> mom, i definitely want to come with you today! [ laughter ] >> all right. thanks very much, tracy and gianna. one is the size of a bagel, the other the size of a person. >> we are talking about the world's tallest living dog met the smallest living dog in new york yesterday. giant george is a 5-year-old great dane measuring 43" and weighing 245 pounds. that is amazing. >> but then look at boo boo. >> little boo boo the world's smallest living dog, about 4" long and weighs only 24 ounces. >> so boo boo is the size of a boo boo. >> just a little boo boo. >> it's organized by the guinness world records to promote the 2011 guinness book of world records. >> apparently giant george didn't even know boo boo was a dog. he kind of looked at boo boo kind of you know -- ha? what are you? thought it was a cat, treat,
6:59 am
something to eat. take a look at this. a rare sighting off the southern california coast. this is a pod of blue whales spotted swim in redondo beach yesterday. there were about 20 to 30 whales. look at that. whale watching experts say it's rare to see them in these waters. several whale watching boats and paddle boaters gathered around to watch them up close. esk got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email >> thanks so much for watching. >> thank you for watching cbs "early edition." >> checking out what's in the "chronicle" today. >> have a great morning. >> we'll see you bright and early friday morning. >> friday!

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